Expertise and Materials

EXCLUSIVE SAFES are the result of the successful collaboration with artisans of great expertise. The attention to detail and the search for excellence testify Conforti’s care for this unique project. Construction quality and the choice of the best materials have always been the main features of Italian craftsmanship, these features create top quality products.


In the furniture district of Cerea-Verona (the siege of the first School of Art Furniture founded at the beginning of the last century) top-class craftsmen ably fit the metal of the safe to the preciousness of walnut briar.

This processing is jealously handed down from generation to generation maintaining unchanged over the time the high craft value.


Only skillful leather masters of great expertise may embellish these artifacts.

Leather selection depends on thickness, softness and texture and the processing is carried out with respect for the environment according to actual regulations.

Mother of Pearl Superlativa®

The precious gem of the depths of the oceans comes from selected shells which grow according to a strict disciplinary for the safeguard of the sustainable use of resources.

This new process allows the whole use of the shell without scraps.

The extraordinary result is the patented microfilm SUPERLATIVA®.

Marble and semi precious stones

The word marble comes from the Greek language, its meaning is “shining stone”. The earth has worked on this stone throughout the centuries creating colors, veining and transparencies. Marble processing and its use are one of the boasts of North-East Italian economy. Our technicians have great expertise both in marble cut and in stone block selection, including marble slab processing.

The large variety of marble slabs satisfies very different décor contexts.