Palace Gucci and the GG-P Supreme Conforti SAFE

The uniqueness of the CONFORTI safe on the catwalk of the international scene

A triangle of exclusivity, history and innovation of three prestigious brands: Gucci, Palace and Conforti


Although apparently very different, GUCCI, the Italian fashion luxury brand, and PALACE, the London streetwear brand, converge in a single aesthetic language to meet CONFORTI that with the GG-P Supreme Safe, in a limited edition of only 10 pieces worldwide, presents preciously itself in the concept store of GUCCI VAULT and in the pop-up stores of selected international capitals.


An exceptional aesthetic blend of past, present and future, representing the values of history, creativity and innovation of the three different brands, whose collaboration gives life to GG-P Supreme exclusive project.


A unique Exclusive Safe dedicated to exclusive environments, which combines the concepts of Conforti luxury, safety and technology, a brand that boasts over 100 years of history.


Palace Skateboards was founded in 2009 in London as a skateboard brand and today has become an international leader in streetwear clothing. Palace is a transversal brand that draws heavily from English popular culture with a melting pot of suggestions and strong stylistic references.
Gucci was founded in 1921 and today is one of the most demanded luxury fashion brands of the last century. Between the folds of luxury and exclusivity, since 2014 the creative direction of Alessandro Michele has offered  a bold change of image in terms of intensity of colors, eccentricity, youthfulness and carefree spirit.