Our History

In 1912 the founder Silvio Conforti created a masterpiece safe that won the “Weil Weiss” prize for artisans. Art and industry merged together to produce an extraordinary object that is both evidence of the past and premise for the future.

Passion for artistic metalwork was the debut of the Conforti laboratory located in the historic heart of Verona.

During its one hundred years of history the company has overcome difficult times, as the two world wars, but the foresight of the Conforti family, that still guides the company, has always led the firm through new goals.

Conforti policy is innovation, its future is creativity and versatility for design with special attention to customer care.

The art laboratory of 1912 is now an enterprise that has already celebrated 100 years of history, an entire century of deep internal changes through which CONFORTI has become the leading Italian manufacturer of safes and security systems.
Nowadays the new Conforti EXCLUSIVE SAFES brand is a major reference on security for architects and interior designers.