The White Leather EXCLUSIVE SAFE

White Leather


Particularly attentive to the market demand and changes, CONFORTI achieves innovation through qualitative and technological excellence.

Our Exclusive Safes are conceived to protect what we cherish most, combining the concept of safety with aesthetics.

Treasuring our Company heritage, we focus on original and highly personalized solutions.

With their delicate and different shades, the white leather covers make these Exclusive Safes unique. The inside may recall the light colors of the outside or create fascinating contrasts.

A soft led light beautifully illuminates the shelves and drawers enhancing the precious content.

A dedicated team of experts shares every step of the manufacturing process with our customers, from design, to planning and final product.

Communication with our customers is strictly confidential, we satisfy our clients’ requests with the greatest discretion, paying special attention to every single detail.