The Interlaced Leather EXCLUSIVE SAFE

Interlaced Leather


The collector’s safe

How do we create a safe just for men, housing a library, with an ancient touch, and located in a living room?

Our solution, enthusiastically approved by the customer, has been a certified safe with an interlaced leather covering in light color.

The brass handle and the key cover recall the design of a late nineteenth-century safe.
According to the customer’s desire, the interior had to accommodate a precious collection of volumes and personal valuables. Our suggestion was the insertion of different drawers for the valuables and a storage unit with shelves for the antique books.

The choice of the poplar briar cover in green has been very successful, not to mention the sophisticated inside, beautifully lit by warm led lights, which decorate and amplify the space.

In order to satisfy the customer’s expectations, our luxury products are highly customized. We focus on refinement of shapes, preciousness of materials and uniqueness in design.