EXCLUSIVE SAFE, The Golden Cabinet

The Golden Cabinet


Flashy and elegant, two contrasting attributes that make this luxury product unique.

A security cabinet hidden in a private room with boiserie that reveals itself in its splendor only to its owner, according to the request of our client. A luxury product does not always have to be exhibited; on the contrary, it is often hidden from foreign eyes to satisfy only its user.

This fully gilded column cabinet is equipped with the EN 1300 certified lock and the special door handle, made with a lost-wax mold based on a Conforti exclusive design. The inside drawers are covered in cream-colored eco suede. Glass shelves and a soft led light complete the fascinating interior design.

This project has been conceived for luxury environments of great personality.

It represents top customization for a tailor-made safe.

Conforti EXCLUSIVE SAFES can be fully customized, both outside and inside, perfectly fulfilling the client's desires, who may choose the dimensions, the protection level, the precious materials for the lining, the locking systems and the furnishings.