The Exclusive Safe in Studded Nubuck leather

Studded Nubuck leather


A truly gritty and elegant model.

This EXCLUVE SAFE has been created to satisfy a special desire. Our client needed to exhibit the safe in an industrial-chic environment: the safe we proposed was accepted enthusiastically and at once.

The outside cover is in natural and soft nubuck leather, with metal studs on all sides, recalling the old coffers of past centuries.

The inside cover is in myrtle briar and dyed in a blue-sea color, a precious finish of great beauty.

The contrast between the exterior, in studded nubuck leather, and the interior, in precious briar, gives the product an astonishing character.

The interior decor includes three compartments for displaying the watch collection, two shelves with a briar cover, and two drawers with Swarovski knobs and an inside soft cover in eco-suede.

The chrome handle and the accessories complete the sophisticated arrangement, giving the safe the credit for being included in the CONFORTI EXCLUSIVE collection as an example of high artisanship, security and great design.