The unique, sophisticated Mother of Pearl EXCLUSIVE SAFE

Mother of Pearl


A model that stands for its elegance, refinement and preciousness.

The EXCLUSIVE SAFE’s outside covering   is made of Mother of Pearl Superlativa® microfilm. The skillful artisanship applied the latest technologies create a superb object for a niche of extremely demanding customers.

The patented and precious microfilm comes from selected shells growing according to a strict disciplinary for the safeguard of the sustainable use of resources.

The opaque lacquered inside of the safe is gently lit by led lights, which further enhance the elegance of the outside. The interior houses two glass shelves and two velvet covered drawers, with possible dividers to better accommodate watches, bracelets, rings and other precious jewels.

This safe recalls a precious coffer that perfectly suits luxury environments.

The Mother of Pearl Exclusive Safe has been created with astonishing care, which is the evidence of Conforti's search for excellence: the Company’s great passion with a special respect for the environment.

The result is extraordinary.