The Metal Leather EXCLUSIVE SAFE

Metal Leather


Among the CONFORTI EXCLUSIVE SAFES the most requested outside covering is leather in all possible color and texture variations.

Some time ago an esteemed interior designer, looking for something very special, contacted us. That’s how with the support of our Veronese Master Craftsmen we created the “metal” leather cover.

The result is a leather EXCLUSIVE SAFE with an elegant and gritty appearance.

The color gradation of the inside painting beautifully fits the “metal” leather covering.

An inside soft led light illuminates the two glass shelves and the drawers located in the lower part of the safe, created to accommodate valuables and special collections.

The digital lock, the lock cover and the handle are in brass, recalling the design of a late nineteenth-century safe.

This leather safe represents the successful collaboration between Conforti and the interior designer, whose requests allowed us to create a unique model.

We won another challenge!