Elegance, strength, safety.

A truly original EXCLUSIVE SAFE, with a marble full cover.

Thanks to the collaboration with expert artisans from the Verona area, Conforti creates a charming monolith that beautifully combines the concept of safety with the solidity represented by the stone.

Marble processing, and the use of special materials extracted from our territory, represent a source of pride for the North-East Italian economy.

Proposing a unique model, the design deliberately conceals the door hinge, which enables opening.

Specifically conceived for this safe, the transparent crystal handle allows full view of the marble façade.

Each EXCLUSIVE SAFE is created to satisfy the most specific security needs.

To protect what you cherish the most in a personal way, the interior furnishing can be designed as you prefer.

The details of the accessories meet the highest security and elegance criteria.

This beautiful and precious safe may be exhibited as a luxurious piece of furniture.