The uniqueness of the Malachite EXCLUSIVE SAFE



The malachite safe is a unique EXCLUSIVE SAFE, a precious casket protecting your treasures.

The outside covering is in malachite, a semi-precious and colorful stone skillfully treated by our Veronese artisans, the great experts in brass manufacturing. Their impressive decorations of the hinges column further embellishes the whole.

The result is amazing!

The inside furniture has a maple briar covering of contrasting color. A soft led light gently illuminates the two drawers and the glass shelf.

The various materials, beautifully processed by our master artisans and enriched by Conforti’s expertise, create the unique Malachite Safe. These artifacts of great prestige can be highly personalized.

Our Made in Italy malachite safe has attracted the attention of a TV production company focusing on the American market. In their TV commercial, our safe is the container for the famous B.ZERO1 ring by BVLGARI: the best location for such a jewel!