Leather with Watch Winders


The Leather Exclusive Safe with Watch Winders has been created to satisfy the requests of a precious watches’ collector. The safe is equipped with watch winders that provide constant supply. It represents top security, great artisanship and high Swiss technology, it is an object of unmatched quality and charm.

The watch winders are high-precision devices for self-winding mechanical watches. They are entirely designed and conceived in Geneva, the world cradle of the luxury watch industry. The watch winders’ motors run in almost absolute silence, they turn clockwise and counterclockwise, with a rotation speed of 950 rotations in 12 hours.

The interior cover in soft leather and a warm led light complete the arrangement. The safe is equipped with 24 watch winders and a removable support shelf with a central leather cover, in addition to 3 drawers, which can accommodate different valuables.

This new EXCLUSIVE SAFES creation has been conceived in order to satisfy our client's requests, offering the best security solutions through top design and quality.

The CONFORTI EXCLUSIVE SAFES are dedicated to people in love with excellence.