EXCLUSIVE SAFE, Leather and Velvet

Leather and Velvet


Elegance and softness

The customization requests of the certified Conforti EXCLUSIVE SAFES contribute in creating extremely refined products. The contrast between the outside and inside of the L&V safe almost recalls the Northern Europe atmospheres of snowy landscapes and warm home interiors.

The outside covering is in high quality gray leather, with stitching made in tone-on-tone thread. The fascinating precision of the work reveals the great craftsmanship of our master artisans.

The interior features a beautiful piece of furniture with four drawers, each drawer is equipped with a special couvette, designed by the customer, to house watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets. The additional lower open compartment includes a glass shelf to facilitate placement of voluminous objects.

In contrast to the light color of the outside covering, the dark-gray suede eco-leather of the interior highlights the whole structure.

The soft led light of the inside gives the safe a precious touch.

The key and digital locks, located on the front of the door, are both certified according to the European EN 1300 standard rule.

The L&V Exclusive safe is certified according to the EN 1143-1, 1st grade European rule for professional safes.

In addition to being high security products for the proper custody of goods and valuables, the Conforti EXCLUSIVE SAVES are luxurious, elegant and highly personalized.