The EXCLUSIVE SAFES Gold and Pink Nubuk

Gold and Pink Nubuk


A great harmony of colors, a safe of refined and feminine taste

A coupling of special materials and colors, contributing to create an elegant and harmonious product.

A 1st grade UNI EN 1143-1 certified safe, with a specifically designed brown nabuk cover to give the product a refined and soft touch.


Its location is in a private room with boiserie.


The subdivision of all drawers, housing and protecting valuables like rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and earrings, has been designed by the client. The couvettes are covered in eco suede leather with a light pink color, which underlines the taste of the Lady user.

The inside led light perfectly frame the jewels.

For further security reasons, in addition to the key lock, the safe is equipped with a digital lock. Both locks are EN 1300 certified.    

Gold and Pink, a very attractive safe for your valuables’ protection.