For her and for him


Security for her and for him, two twin but separate safes.

People living in the same house often have the common need to protect their goods safely but differently. The solution we propose is two “twin” safes, one for her and one for him.

In this way the privacy of both is protected and the risk is reduced because the family assets are kept into two separate and certified safes.

Our choice is a cream color for "her" and a dark brown color for "him", two brilliant shades embellished  by the mirror-like lacquering.

The key and the UNI EN 1300 certified digital lock are set on both safes.

The interior, in the opaque version, has the same color of the exterior and has drawers of different size. In both safes the inside of the drawers is covered in cream-colored suede eco-leather.

A soft led light and an inside glass shelf, forming two separate compartments, complete the décor.

FOR HER AND FOR HIM is an aesthetically beautiful and functional solution, it protects the hosts' personal valuables and represents top customization for a tailor made safe.

Conforti EXCLUSIVE SAFES are unique customized safes fully satisfying the client’s desires: he or she may in fact choose the dimensions, the protection level, the precious materials for the covering, the locking systems and the inside décor.