The Capitonné Leather EXCLUSIVE SAFE with watch winders

Capitonné Leather with watch winders


A very particular client’s request with a wonderful follow up:

The safe had to be exhibited to prestigious guests in a reception room, being at the owner’s discretion to decide whether to show his watch collection.

The outcome has been a sophisticated, impressive and very elegant safe.  The outside covering was in ice-colored leather, with a nice soft touch of capitonné and creasing. All accessories, like handle, keyhole cover and company brand label, were in brass casting, all creating beautiful light spots on the candid surface.

The interior was definitively no less precious: the drawers, the watch winders compartments and the door’s inside panel were covered with mother of pearl.

The LED light framing the inside mirror created a very special effect on the shining mother of pearl.

It has taken us two months of great expertise and care to realize this safe but the astonishing result has paid us off for all the hard work: a top class product complying with the high standards of the Certified Quality Management System.