The Brown Leather EXCLUSIVE SAFE

Brown Leather


The Leather EXCLUSIVE SAFE is certainly the most desired model, both in the Italian and foreign panorama.

The chromatic homogeneity of the Brown Leather Exclusive Safe, thanks to the full-grain leather of the outside and the myrtle briar of the inside, reveals a truly sophisticated object.

The use of refined materials gives a very personal touch to the safe. In addition, the top quality leathers, which guarantee perfect durability, and the expertise of our master craftsmen add further value to it.

The interior is equipped with a medium size drawer lined with a soft cloth, with two glass shelves and with special LED lights that create a very elegant atmosphere.

In order to create top quality products, Conforti carefully monitors all steps of the manufacturing process.

The jewels, valuables and special collections are furtherly valorised when protected in a Conforti luxury safe.