The Briar EXCLUSIVE SAFE, an all-new world



Thanks to its infinite variety and to our skillful master artisans, briar may transform a technological and industrial product into a refined furnishing complement.

The safe becomes a precious treasure chest that protects your valuables.

Beauty lovers surround themselves with top quality products that require high customization: our safes are unique, they can embellish a very elegant environment fully maintaining their security functions.

The most requested briar comes from the walnut, ash, maple and myrtle tree. Briar offers endless choices to better adapt our EXCLUSIVE SAFES to the most peculiar environments.

The inside of the safe is equipped with drawers of different size in soft eco-suede, with briar or glass shelves, with pull-out shelves, with compartments to display watches or watch winders, with key treasures and more.

In order to create top quality products Conforti, a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified Company, carefully monitors all stages of its manufacturing process.